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Our JourneyOutreach

Our Journey

Montessi began its mission as an edtech company trying to bring high-quality education to children around the world under a very different set of circumstances than what we face today. At the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, My First Montessori School (our brick and mortar school, located in Toronto, Canada) was under the threat of closure due to government lockdowns. With hundreds of parents, teachers and students relying on us, we decided to adapt our curriculum, and provide our services online to ensure our children did not fall behind. This pivot to an edtech based approach allowed our school and students to continue learning and growing throughout the pandemic.

Post-pandemic, and with our brick-and-mortar location back in full swing, we’re stronger than ever and working hard to accomplish our mission of enabling children around the world with access to a high quality education. From some of the most remote places on earth, to right here in our own neighbourhood, we have educated thousands of students and given them a jump start on their academic journey.

With years of training, and plenty of time to perfect their craft during the pandemic, our certified Montessori teachers have been able to develop our virtual curriculum into one of the most authentic Montessori experiences available. As the world continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic, we have made it our goal to address the global education crisis that it has left in its wake.

With heightened emphasis on providing live, private tutoring for children that may have fallen behind, or failed to develop early childhood skills due to the inaccessibility of schools during lockdowns, we are helping families around the world rebuild strong foundations in education, and doing our part to address the global education crisis.

Collision Conference 2022

In Summer of 2022, Montessi (formerly MFMS Online) was selected at Collision Conference to be part of their exclusive Edtech startup showcase.

This opportunity allowed us to get our cause out in front of the world. Here is the full video of one of our co-founders Rishi Bhayani speaking about our mission.


With so much going on in the world, Montessi (formerly My First Montessori School Online) has established several outreach programs, all aimed at giving back to our community, and children around the world.

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Global Education Program

Providing children around the world with access to education has, and always will be our primary goal. Our global education program aims to help underserved children in developing nations or conflict stricken situations by providing a variety of free courses. Apply Now.

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

United Nations SDG #4

Going hand-in-hand with our Global Education Program is our commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal number 4 (UN SDG #4), “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. We’ve taken this goal to heart, and are working hard to make sustainable, high quality education available to everyone, everywhere.

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Fundraisers and Donations

We work with a variety of organizations to raise funds and awareness for causes that are close to our hearts. Recently, we partnered with Global Medic to raise over $5000 in donations for developing nations. To learn how you can help, Click Here.

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Future Endeavours

With technology at the very core of what we do here, we strongly believe that the future of accessible education lies in the accessiblity of technology. To that end, we are working hard to develop innovative new technologies that will help us deliver on that goal. Learn More.

Collision Impact Startup

As well as being selected to be part of the startup showcase at Collision, we’re proud to say that we also qualified to be one of the Impact startups in 2022, and had the opportunity to present our global outreach programs to thousands of people!

Here’s the full video with our co-founder Rishi.

Meet The Team

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Mr. Rishi

Co-Founder / Director

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Ms. Madeleine

Elementary Teacher

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Ms. Purvi

Co-Founder / Director

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Ms. Stephanie

Casa Tutor

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Ms. Meera

Casa Teacher

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Mr. Danny

Sales Director

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Ms. Rashmi

Elementary Teacher

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Mr. Jay

Virtual Assistant

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Ms. Katelyn

Toddler Teacher

A Live Virtual Montessori Experience

Mr. Toheed

Platform Engineer / Marketing Director


Don’t just take our word for it. See What parents around the world are saying!

Paulina from Moldova:

“We would like to thank My First Montessori School Canada for providing an amazing year of remote learning for our daughter! We joined MFMS for the academic year of 2021-2022 in their Upper Casa Kindergarten Program for the ages of 5-6. While other in-person schools around us kept closing due to the covid19 pandemic, MFMS remained a much appreciated constant presence in our lives.

Our daughter absolutely loved the group classes with Miss Meera and the private tutoring sessions with Miss Stephanie! MFMS has created a truly multicultural online school that welcomes children from various backgrounds to share in the joy of learning! We are grateful to MFMS teachers for being so patient, open-minded and flexible, and for always encouraging curiosity, kindness, independent thinking and freedom of self-expression in our daughter!”

Stephen from Mexico:

“Our Camila enjoys the class from the singing of continents in the beginning of each class, the Canadian national anthem, when each kid shows and shares his/her new toys and when the kids “chit chat” among themselves – YES, THEY DO CHIT CHAT :o) We highly recommend the virtual class for toddlers. In additional to learning the contents of each class, Camila developed her social skills from greeting, sharing and asking if everyone is ok. One of the best moments was when we visited the Brampton campus, Camila gets to meet Miss Priyanka and Miss Camille in person. It was emotional and it proves that the teachers are the paramount for our children’s learning, which My First Montessori has!”

Sofia from Switzerland:

“I work in education and I am passionate about Montessori style even if I am also open to other pedagogies. I have done an exhaustive search to find some tailored programs for my son, considering that I would be working from home and would like to give him fun learning experiences and activities, but none matched my expectations until I found MFMS. We joined the virtual program when Bjorn was 14 months and since then I have been a great fan to the programs but in particular to the tailored activities and care provided by the team and educators. He is now 32 months and we plan to continue with the virtual MFMS in a long term.”

Nirma from Toronto:

“When the schools closed in March, Tiya was initially very happy to be home. As the time passed, she started missing her school, her daily routine, her friends and her teachers. We tried teaching her through material downloaded off the internet, through games, through songs, etc, but it was so hard to have her focus for more than 10 minutes. When MFMS introduced the virtual platform, we were initially very reluctant. Like any other parent, our concerns were screen time, security, and more importantly, how would a 4 year old focus for half an hour or an hour and be able to grasp all the information. We decided to give it a try, and were very pleasantly surprised. Tiya actually looks forward to her sessions and her routine is back on track. Through the virtual classroom, she gets to socialize to quite some extent to her teachers and friends and she has overcome her shyness. We also signed up for the one-one-one tutoring and she has shown so much progress in the past couple of months. Her teacher does an outstanding job at making the session as interactive as possible, and manages to keep her engaged for the entire hour. Sometimes, by just listening to the conversation, we don’t realize that her teacher is sitting miles away from her, but rather in a classroom and teaching her one-on-one. It is good to see how she is also learning to use technology during her session, which to us is amazing.”

Shikha from Toronto:

“Having Michelle tutor my son has been extremely beneficial. It’s been a great way to continue his schooling while we are at home. He is extremely engaged, focused and excited to work with her for the hour. This is something I would definitely advise other parents to consider enrolling their children into. It’s already difficult to homeschool with all that is going on, but having their teachers whom they are comfortable with from school give them some one on one time we truly think it’s helped engage him to do school work while at home.”

Alefiya from Toronto:

“The online sessions have been a great way to not only keep Idris connected to his teacher but also ensure that he’s not losing what he’s already learned and is able to learn new things as well. As working parents we were so happy and delighted to have these sessions because we were worried we weren’t able to do enough for him. Every little bit helps and we are really grateful for it!”

Melissa from Toronto:

“We have seen a clear improvement in Ayden’s skills, in a short period of time with 1:1 online tutoring. Lesson plans designed for the individual child is what makes this work. Michelle truly cares about the child’s academic success – highly recommend without any reservation.”

Tanya from Toronto:

“The tutoring sessions have been very helpful for both parents and child. At least this way I know she is learning the Montessori way, and we are not confusing her by teaching her methods of old. Thank you for the support, It is much appreciated. It is not easy trying to convince a 4 year old to do homework.”

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